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My name is Meadow DeVor. I’m a mother, daughter, friend, student, author, teacher. I teach tools and strategies for how to live inspiring, meaningful and happier lives to women from all over the world.


I am a Rowdy.

In January of 2010, I started a class where we would use poetry as a tool for inspiration and self-growth. One of the student favorites was “Dropping Keys” by Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet.

Dropping Keys

The small man
builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
who has to duck his head
when the moon is low,
keeps dropping keys all night long
for the


I love this poem. I love the image of the sage who is so big he has to duck his head under the moon. I love the idea of the small man who builds cages.

We all do this. We build cages and believe in them so much that we forget that we hold the key that sets us free. We forget that we are all Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners. That we are beautiful in our uniqueness, in our intent to learn, to stretch, to love and to forgive. We are Rowdy because none of us want to be stuck behind those bars. We clang our fists against them and fight with the imaginary cages that hold us back.

We take turns being the sage for each other. We duck our heads under the moon and drop keys for each other. The keys to free us from the prison that we have built for ourselves. The cage that the smaller part of us built to keep us safe.

I love that the sage isn’t giving the Rowdy prisoners the keys. He’s dropping them. The prisoner still needs to pick that key up and unlock their own cage. This is a brilliant metaphor for self work.

Because of this poem my students began calling themselves the Rowdy Prisoners. And this became the core group of women that continued to take my classes. These students continued to deepen my stretch as a teacher. And forged their journey right to the center of their own lives. These women are now the backbone of a thriving world-wide community devoted to a daily practice of self-growth and self-discovery.

Over time, we’ve dropped the word ‘prisoners’ - and now we just call ourselves The Rowdies.

I developed the Rowdy Community because I saw that some of my students were making radical changes in their lives. They were able to completely overhaul the way they thought, the way they reacted to turmoil and were dramatically changing tangible results in their lives.

And then some of my students tended to kind of just stay in the same place. They were committed to self-growth and they had the desire to learn but they lacked something.

What they lacked was practice.

My students who were kicking ass were not only just working with me on a weekly basis. They were in my classes. On my forums. Getting online help on a daily basis. They emailed me constantly. They journaled.

They had a daily practice. They weren’t just trying to fit in their personal development in between their activities on any-given-Thursday. They made a commitment to do this work every day.

We all need this. We’re not going to accidentally land in an outstanding extraordinary life that we imagine for ourselves. We have to learn how to live it. We have to practice the concepts. A lot.

Happiness isn’t a destination; it’s a skill. And any skill can be learned with practice.

I have found that there is something magical about adding the element of a living, breathing community of women who are all supporting each other. They are all practicing the new concepts that they learn in class each week. They are missed when they haven’t shown up. They hold each other, their own self and me to incredibly high standards. We send bitchslaps, high fives and hugs through cyberspace. We cheer for our wins. And cry for our losses.

Most importantly - we are all speaking the same language. The language of stretching ourselves to be what we really came here to be. Extraordinary women. Women who matter.

These women are just like you and me. We are stay-home-moms, business owners, designers, accountants, and lawyers. We are daughters. Mothers. Friends. Teachers and students.

We might volunteer way too often or have trouble saying no. We might be feeling a little guilty or maybe feeling a lot stuck. We are women who might struggle with insecurity - or maybe we just want to lose a little bit of weight. We are women who want to pay off our debt - or are trying to find enough courage to leave our job and start a new career.

We are women who want to love unconditionally - although we still might harbor a bit of resentment. We are women who want to parent flawlessly - but might struggle with the fear of letting our kids go free into this world.

Basically, we are real women, with everyday issues. Looking for a better way to think about our lives.

We are women that want to feel free. In our relationships. In our families. In our finances. And most of all, in our own skin.

We are women that are on the edge of something bigger. We can feel it in our bones.

We know that there’s something more out there for us and we are constantly looking for tools and strategies that can help us reach for a life that is evolving. Inspired. Fulfilled.

These women are my students. And they are also my teachers. Sisters. Friends. Colleagues. And the inspiration for my work in this world.

Rowdies don’t take life at face value. We know that we are responsible for how we think. For how we feel. For what we do and for the results we get in our lives. We question everything. We tell the truth. We set goals. We reach. Hard.

This work is hard. This work that we do together is not for the namby-pambies. It's not for the people who want to be spoon fed. It's not for the people who want to be saved by a fairy-tale fantasy. Mastering our life seems hard. Because it is.

This work is for bad-ass women who are willing to look their worst fears in the eye and say, "Bring it." This work is for women who are willing to stick it out. Women who are willing to face themselves and their beliefs. Women who are willing to rock their world, dissolve their identity, to give up life as they know it.

Women who are willing to walk out into the unknown and have an adventure. In search for their own peace of mind.

Women who want to change. And are willing to do the hard work. This work is for the leaders. The brave ones. The go-getters. The explorers. The innovators.

The Rowdies.

This work is for women.

Just like you.

Weekly classes. Each week, we meet on a video-conference line and I teach a class to the Rowdies that are live in class.

Current classes are Tuesdays at 10 am pacific (11MT, 12 CT, 1ET). If you're not able to make the call, no prob. Each class is posted for playback via video and audio.

If you are wanting:

  • To find more purpose in your life
  • To strengthen your personal practice of self-development
  • To change your life
  • To learn how to forgive yourself and others
  • To open your heart
  • To cultivate more spirituality
  • To connect with your tribe

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Meadow DeVor
Meadow DeVor

Master Inquiry Teacher, Founder of Yoga Church, Author

Meadow is an internationally recognized inquiry teacher with over two thousand hours of experience teaching life coach training programs (including weight loss coach training, business coach training, money coach training, inquiry coach teacher trainings, personal development teacher trainings and mentor trainings) since 2007. Additionally she has taught over five thousand hours of inquiry, personal development and coaching classes.

She's the author of Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money. She writes a popular inspirational blog. Meadow has been published in Woman’s Day Magazine, and has been published on many renowned blogs including Rebelle Society, YOGANONYMOUS, Teach.Yoga, Enemy of Debt, and has had the pleasure of being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She speaks, writes and coaches extensively on the topics of money, sobriety, trauma, yoga and healing.

Meadow lives with her daughter in the quiet countryside of the Central Coast of California. Read her story on her personal website here.➞