Money Love School

Everything you need to repair, restore and renew your relationship with money

Whether you’re a financial disaster or a total money maven, this seven-month school will help you repair, restore and renew your relationship with money.

Money is a skill that can be learned. It's not a talent that you're born with and it's not something that you naturally just know how to handle. Think of it more like learning a language, or playing an instrument -- it's a skill that must be practiced. And just like any other skill, the more you practice -- the better you get.

You can do this. Over the next seven months you will get to the bottom of your money beliefs and learn new (and better) ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that will radically change the landscape of your emotional, spiritual and financial life.

This ain't your average money class. Money classes can be so stodgy, overwhelming and booooorrrrrring. My classes are known for being rowdy, silly, funny, emotional, shockingly honest and thought provoking. Prepare to learn, grow, change and to find a lightness and sense of hope around your relationship with money. We will meet live a few times a month via livestream video. The classroom kind of looks like a Brady Bunch screen. You'll be able to see my face and (if you choose to turn your camera on) I'll see yours. At these classes, I'll introduce a new topic and teach you new tools. Throughout each class, I'll make time to answer any questions (there is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to this work) and offer real-time coaching. There will be lots of laughs and probably plenty of tears. This work is real and raw as well as life-changing. Whether you are the one in the 'hot seat' or you're watching someone else work through their question, you'll be amazed at how each person's work reflects pieces of your personal work too. You'll learn that we are all the same and we all need to heal from the same stories.

You'll have the help you need. This course is broken into eighteen modules. Each of these modules has daily online self-inquiry journaling prompts. Questions like, "What did your mother teach you about money?" or "Do you have a difficult time asking for money? Why or why not?" Think of these prompts like daily conversation starters. Believe me, I understand money might be your dirty little secret (it was mine too!) and the subject might be saturated with shame for you. I get that you might not want to openly talk and would rather hang back and do your work in the privacy of your own journal. Please know that there will never be pressure to share or to divulge personal information. If you choose to do the self-inquiry prompts privately, you'll still benefit immensely. That said, I can not overestimate the value of posting your daily work. When you post your work, I receive a notification prompting me to pop over to offer you coaching specifically tailored to that day's work. In other words, if you share with me, I'll be able help you. I love money conversations, so you won't be alone with this work. I'll be right there with you, talking you through it and helping you navigate.

It pays to take this class. I'm not just saying this in a woo-woo, superstitious, magical or spiritual way -- this course will change your financial life in very concrete ways. Whether you end up spending less, or making more, or saving more, or paying off more debt -- through the process of learning new tools, bringing awareness to your inner stories and habits and through the daily intentional inquiry practice -- things quickly start to change in your financial life. You'll not only experience more lightness and freedom in your relationship with money -- but you'll also see better numbers in your bank accounts. I, personally, do this work every year and each time I end up making back the registration price many times over.

There will be no budgets and no deprivation. Money Love School isn't about setting up budgets or getting you to behave better. It's not about shaming you and it's not about depriving you. Rather, this is about deepening your self worth, reclaiming your self love and it's about intentionally creating more freedom and fun in your life. I don't want you to suffer and I won't teach you tools that feel awful to implement. I want this to be a win-win for you -- not a compromise.

In addition to your 18 live classes and 7 months of online coaching with me, you'll receive 40 hours of bonus material some of my best work to date so that you can continue learning at your own pace, according to your own schedule.

  • Money Love Workshop - a self-paced 6-week money-makeover audio course that will radically change your relationship with money
  • Money Love Materials - book, workbook and audio book all in one place
  • Money Coaching Recordings - 7 pre-recorded money coaching sessions with real people presenting real money issues
  • Bonus Money Classes - 11 pre-recorded money classes with innovative topics, live discussion and quick improv spot-coaching in each class
  • Bonus Money Group Coaching Classes - 2 pre-recorded money group coaching classes with live discussion and real-life examples of money coaching in a group

Class Details:

Live classes are taught by me. They are a balance of in-depth lecture, poignant stories, thought-provoking discussion points, putting new concepts into practice, plenty of student and personal examples always delivered in my no-bullshit style with a heavy dose of laughter and humor. These classes are via live-stream video classroom (it kind of looks like a Brady Bunch screen) where we can all see each other. Log in via smartphone, tablet or computer. If you'd rather not do the whole video thing, you can call in from a phone instead.

Missed classes are no big deal. All classes are recorded and uploaded in video format AND in audio format. If you have time to sit down and watch class - great! If you don't have time, you can easily pull up the recording on your smart phone app and listen to it during your commute, while you dinner or while you're working out.

Class times: Wednesdays from 9-10:15 am PT (10-11:15 MT, 11-12:15 CT, 12-1:15 ET)

Class dates: October 11 ● October 18 ● October 25 ● November 1 ● November 29 ● December 6 ● December 20 ● January 10 ● January 24 ● January 31 ● February 7 ● February 14 ● February 28 ● March 7 ● March 14 ● March 28 ● April 4 ● April 11

"Just about a year ago, Holly and I had Meadow DeVor as a guest on HOME podcast. When she came on the show, Holly and I were both dreading the conversation—which was about money—and we basically both sat on our hands the whole time while Meadow expertly talked us through some money sobriety work. It was my first real a-ha moment with money, which was amazing, but the best part was that it was the beginning of one of my most treasured friendships.

I immediately texted Meadow after that conversation and said something along the lines of “I NEED TO WORK WITH YOU IMMEDIATELY TEACH ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.” She laughed and we started talking more—as friends, as poetry and music-loving seekers, and people who are insatiably curious about the human condition. A few months later, we hosted our first retreat and we’ve continued to work together and grow together since.

The thing is, Meadow’s brilliant. I don’t really say that lightly. She’s my friend, yes, but she’s also one of my most kindred teachers. If you have a desire to go deeper with your work, this is where you belong."

- Laura McKowen, Boston, MA

"Money work = Life work. For years I didn't think this work was for me. When my income started to decrease, I decided to dive in and commit to this training. Meadow's program not only helped me to uncover beliefs I didn't even know I had, but it also helped me to see how my money beliefs were playing out in other areas of my life. Not only will your relationship with money be transformed, but YOU will be transformed as a result of your work in this program."

- Shelby Messenger, Redway, California

"This course has not only saved me money, but taught me lessons about myself, my habits and the deeper reasons why I choose to spend or not spend my money. This course has created life long changes for me. I will continue to do this work for the rest of my life and I am so grateful to Meadow for her guidance and wisdom."

- Kristi, La Jolla, California

"Meadow totally takes the shame out of money work. This program is deep, insightful, challenging and fun. Money Love School gets to the root of money issues and is a catalyst for healing many facets of life, finding empowerment and reclaiming worth."

- Pam Clark, Burlington, VT

"This course was the turning point in my relationship with money, and also to life as an adult! Meadow's philosophy and teachings truly changed my perspective from one of chaos and scarcity to treating money just as I would a beloved friend. Thanks to this work I now have healthy understanding of what money is, how to get it and keep it! Don't wait to sign up. You can't afford to miss this!"

- Gloria Schwabe, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

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International students - please contact us at info@meadowdevor if there's an issue with your payment being accepted. Sometimes this gateway is finicky.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I'll get my money's worth?
The value that you take away from this course depends on how much time and energy you put into it. At minimum, you'll be receiving twice your money's worth. Here's a breakdown of the course value depending on whether you're a basic, moderate or intense student:

Basic: Live classes don't fit into your schedule sometimes (or ever), so you listen or watch at your own pace. You're not into posting your money work, so you privately work through the self-inquiry at your own pace in your journal. Or maybe journals aren't really your thing, so you just look at the self-inquiry question and mull it over while you drink your morning coffee. Your value: $1969

Moderate: You're able to make it to some of the live classes and even ask a question or two. You listen or watch the classes you missed. You get a little behind sometimes on the self-inquiry but you make an effort to either post your answers online or to jot your work in your journal. You get a little online coaching from me here and there and use that to deepen your work. You read through your fellow students' online posts and see where those lessons might apply to you. Your value: $3169

Intense: You make it to the live classes and actively participate, ask questions and get coaching. You post your work and get custom tailored feedback and coaching from me. You ask me questions on the coaching thread and you read other's questions and feedback. Your value: $5469

When does the course start and finish?
This course is partially self paced (which means you can start now) and partially scheduled for live classes (please see the schedule).
But, can I really change?
No one thinks that they can really change. In fact, most of the time, people sign up for courses like this just to unconsciously prove that they *can't* change. But our kind of people are smarter than that. Our kind of people are interested in really learning and interested in really changing. So, the short answer is: YES, you really can change. But only if *you* want to.
How much time should I expect to invest each week?
Money Love School is designed for busy people who have careers, families, or other commitments. The self-inquiry work and class participation can be done according to your own schedule each week. The online classes will be held two or three weeks per month. In addition, you will have self-inquiry prompts for journaling. On average we recommend to set aside about 4-6 hours per month.
What happens if I miss class?
Money Love School is designed for adult students and I trust that you will take responsibility for your own learning experience. I highly suggest that you make every effort to attend live classes, yet I also understand that life, work and other commitments can come up during the course of our studies. For this reason, online classes are recorded and are posted after class, for students that might not be able to attend live or for students that might want to re-watch class.
What if I try and it doesn't work?
Everyone is terrified of trying and failing - I definitely am. Most of us think that failure is something to be avoided at all costs, or that it proves something about our inner sense of worthlessness. But that's not the truth. The only real failure is giving up, walking away or believing that change isn't possible.
What if I can't afford this?
My life's work is devoted to helping people understand the nature of their relationship with money, so I care deeply about helping you make choices that support your emotional, physical and financial well-being. I believe wholeheartedly in investing in education and in personal development and I will always be cheering you on -- whether you sign up or not. My question to you is: What would you have to do to be able to afford this? And are you willing to do that now? Often the "I can't afford it" idea becomes a passive excuse to let us off the hook. I ask you not to be passive but rather challenge yourself and see what you can do to support your personal growth.
Can't I just do this work on my own?
Simple answer: probably not because you haven't yet. The deep-seated issues of money, self-worth and self-compassion are difficult to find on your own and will often be completely in your blind spot. In other words: We don't even know what we don't know. That's why it's infinitely more powerful to do this work with a witness, a teacher and a guide.
What if I start and don't finish?
Then this is a perfect course for you. I literally created this program for people just like you -- people who give up, lack follow through, get overwhelmed and resist the inner work. The good news is: This isn't about how much you do, how often you raise your hand or how great your work is. This is about learning to acknowledge how you best learn, how you best put things to practice and it's about understanding the true nature of who you are. You literally can not fail at this.
What if I don't feel comfortable in a group?
Your personal journey isn't dependent on whether or not you're an extrovert. This work isn't a group project and you don't have to "fit in." Each person's path is their own. If you're quiet, a misfit, feel dumb, feel like the world's worst person to ever have a bank account: GOOD! You'll fit right in. This course isn't for advanced economics students, this course is for people who want to change the nature of how they feel and how money affects their lives. You are welcome to sit on the sidelines and do your work privately and then jump in if/when you're ready. There's no pressure.
What's your refund policy?
All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason.
More questions?
I want you to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you have access to the information you need. Please feel free to email me (info@meadowdevor.com) or give me a call at (805) 779-4033.​

Your Instructors

Meadow DeVor
Meadow DeVor

Master Inquiry Teacher, Founder of Yoga Church, Author

Meadow is an internationally recognized inquiry teacher with over two thousand hours of experience teaching life coach training programs (including weight loss coach training, business coach training, money coach training, inquiry coach teacher trainings, personal development teacher trainings and mentor trainings) since 2007. Additionally she has taught over five thousand hours of inquiry, personal development and coaching classes.

She's the author of Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money. She writes a popular inspirational blog. Meadow has been published in Woman’s Day Magazine, and has been published on many renowned blogs including Rebelle Society, YOGANONYMOUS, Teach.Yoga, Enemy of Debt, and has had the pleasure of being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She speaks, writes and coaches extensively on the topics of money, sobriety, trauma, yoga and healing.

Meadow lives with her daughter in the quiet countryside of the Central Coast of California. Read her story on her personal website here.➞

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