Inquiry Coach Teacher Training

Everything you need to create, launch and grow a successful coaching practice.

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Master the art of inquiry combined with laser-focused life coaching to help your clients deeply transform their lives.

Whether you’re a total beginner or experienced teacher, learn everything you need to create, launch and grow a successful and powerful coaching practice.

You will learn how to:

  • become a world-class coach and teacher
  • lead life-changing coaching sessions using our proven, step-by-step system
  • set yourself apart - by celebrating your uniqueness - to successfully rise above the sea of competition
  • heal and transform your own life - inside and out
  • create meaningful connections and help others transform their lives
  • work in a way that is constantly evolving and changing - so you'll never have a boring moment
  • find your voice and put your work out into the world - you do have something to offer and the world needs it
  • work the way that you want to - so you can have complete freedom and autonomy

Opening Retreat

LOCATION: Den Meditation, 360 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

DATES: Thursday, October 5, 2017 through Sunday October 8, 2017

TIMES: Thursday 6 - 8pm; Friday 9am - 5pm; Saturday 9am - 5pm; Sunday 8am - 11am

Learn and experience the framework on which the entire program is built. Explore each of the four voices (MIND, BODY, HEART, SOUL) integrated into Yoga Church classes, through self-inquiry and in one-to-one coaching tools. Cultivate connection to your body, to your truest self and to your tribe.

This retreat will be powerful. Our yoga sessions will be strong Yoga Church-style classes - a unique combination of inquiry coaching and yoga. Our coaching sessions will have you coaching right away. (Don't worry - there will be plenty of help!) Experience this profound work in real life and learn how it transforms mind, heart, body and spirit.

This retreat will be life-changing. Our students say that the retreat alone is worth the price of the entire training. Be prepared to let go of old baggage, strip yourself of beliefs that aren't serving you and to leave the retreat as a new, solid and joyful person.

This retreat will be fun. You'll learn to take yourself (and this work) lightly - with ease and a sense of humor. Although we go through plenty of Kleenex boxes (because tears happen when real work is being done), we are also an unmistakably rowdy and irreverent bunch. You'll laugh so hard that your sides will hurt. You'll leave with a sense of deep connection and lasting friendship with our other amazing students.

Online Classes

In depth lecture, discussion and practice of topics and tools to listen to and integrate mind, body, heart and soul. To be a coach and teacher of this work, we can only guide others in what we have practiced ourselves. Be prepared to not only learn how to lead clients through this work, but to also go deep into your own work. These classes will provide instruction, support and a sacred space to learn, practice and go deep.

Live classes are offered via live-stream video classroom where teachers and students can view each other. Log in via smartphone, tablet or computer.

LECTURES are pre-recorded and posted for you to watch and rewatch at your convenience. We have several hours of lecture and bonus material for each of the tools. We recommended watching each of the lectures at least once.

BUSINESS AND MARKETING classes are offered once a month by Meadow DeVor. All classes are recorded and posted for your convenience. You are welcome to attend as many or as few live classes as you prefer.

Wednesdays from 9-10:30 am PT on November 8 ● December 13 ● January 17 ● February 21 ● March 21

PRACTICUM classes are taught by Meadow DeVor. All classes are recorded and posted for your convenience. You are welcome to attend as many or as few live classes as you prefer.

Thursdays from 9-11 am PT on October 19 ● November 2, 16, 30 ● December 7, 21 ● January 11, 25 ● February 15 ● March 1, 15, 29

"I didn't think I needed this training because I was already a practicing coach and yoga teacher. I was so wrong. This training helped me break out of my shell and helped me bring a profound depth to my coaching."

Pam Clark

Master Inquiry Coach, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Brave Love Project

"Over the years I have studied and trained with many teachers and Meadow is the only teacher I have consistently stuck with. Why? Because her teachings and tools are always cutting-edge. Whether you are new to coaching or already have training under your belt, you are guaranteed to walk away from this training with tools that will help your clients to transform their lives. Added bonus: YOUR life will also transform in the process. Mine certainly did."

Shelby Messenger

Yoga Teacher, Master Somatic Coach and EFT Practitioner

"This training was a truly transformative experience for me. Not only did Meadow and her team teach me incredible high level coaching tools, but I also experienced my own personal growth and healing which inspired me to finally open up my own yoga coaching studio. Her training is a game changer for sure!"

Tosha Smith

Holistic Lifestyle Coach and owner of Tosha Smith Studio

"The array of powerful tools that Meadow teaches within her training helped me immensely in my own personal development and allowed me to include huge added value within the yoga classes, workshops and retreats I offer."

Lisa Dumas

Yoga Teacher and Personal Development Teacher

"I found Meadow at a dark time in my life. This training helped me ease my own suffering, quit drinking (totally worth the price of admission x 10!), change careers and begin to build a life that includes joy and peace."

Aimee Pruitt

Ayurvedic Health Educator, Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse

"Run, don't walk, to take this training if you want to REALLY know yourself, your truth, and all the ways you try to wiggle out of following your life's purpose."

Dr. Layne Linebaugh

Owner of Soul Story Yoga and Coaching, Sobriety Coach

"The most transformative training of my life! I came to learn how to support others on their journey of healing but with the genuine love and support of all the teachers ended up healing myself!"

Gloria Schwabe

Yoga Teacher and Introspective Development Coach

"When you feel a pull, a calling to do something and maybe are not completely sure why, DO IT! I'm so grateful I followed the pull -- it was so much more than I could have ever imagined and I am so fortunate to be able to help others in the way Meadow helped me."

Kolleen Harrison

Yoga Teacher and Inquiry Coach

"Meadow's training paved my path towards profound healing and self-transformation. I am now able to live my life with authentic purpose."

Tiffany Flournoy

Yoga Teacher and Inquiry Coach

"This teacher training is outstanding - deep, practical, and revolutionary. It changed me in ways I never would have imagined. I found my voice, my tribe and my work in the world."

Tam Weber

Registered Nurse, Master Life Coach, Certified Money Coach and Yoga Teacher.

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Your Instructors

The Team
The Team

We are lucky to have some of the world's brightest coaches, inquiry teachers, nurses, psychotherapists, neurologists, yoga teachers, coach trainers and retreat leaders on our team. We are a team of lifelong seekers, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, and students. We've collectively taught over 3,000 students and witnessed hundreds of coaches and teachers launch their business. We're proud to be your teachers and we look forward to having you in class. Read more about us here.

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Inquiry" Coach?
Inquiry is the practice of asking beautiful questions. As an inquiry coach, we help our clients ask themselves the deep and meaningful questions at the center of human experience. Questions like: Who am I? What am I doing here? What do I truly want? and What is this really all about? Questions that guide help guide our students and clients to discover and reflect through the perspectives of all four parts of the self: mind, heart, body and soul.
When does the course start and finish?
This course is partially self paced (which means you can start now) and partially scheduled for live classes and in-person retreats (please see the schedule).
Is it possible to do the retreat portion of the training via the online classroom?
We have designed this training to make it as accessible as possible for people with families, careers and other commitments. Even though the online classroom is an excellent tool for most classes, there are some things that can only be taught in real life. For that reason, we have packed all of the hands-on-in-real-life work for our opening retreat. We do not offer an online option for the retreat work.
How much time should I expect to invest each week?
This training is designed for busy people who have careers, families, or other commitments. The partner work, class observation and reading can be done according to your own schedule each week. The online classes will be held two or three weeks per month. In addition, you will have partner work (1-1.5 hours per homework week), reading (1 hour) and class observation work (1-1.5 hours per week). On average we recommend to set aside 2-4 hours per week.
What happens if I miss class?
Attendance is recommended for the retreat and for all online classes. This is a training designed for adult students and we trust that you will take responsibility for your own learning experience during the course of the training. We highly suggest that you make every effort to attend training hours live, yet we also understand that life, work and other commitments can come up during the course of a training. For this reason, online classes are recorded and are posted after class, for trainees that might not be able to attend live or for trainees that might want to re-watch class.
Does every student qualify for certification?
We understand that students take trainings for many different reasons. Some want to be certified and some are just there to deepen their practice and to enrich their own personal growth. Enrollment doesn't guarantee certification. To be certified as an Inquiry Coach, students will need to participate in all required classes, retreat, homework, partner work and will need to pass the final.
I'm trying to make travel arrangements for the retreat, any suggestions?
Eating: There are tons of restaurants within walking distance in every direction. We'll take lots of breaks so you'll be able to get snacks and food when needed. Lodging: There are hotels and AirBnb's in every direction. We recommend staying as close as possible to make parking/commuting easier. Parking: There’s metered 2 hour parking on the street. Probably best to Uber/Lyft or walk to the venue. Flying: You can fly into LAX or Burbank.
When will you offer this again?
This is the last time that Meadow will be teaching this training. Our future trainings will be taught by the Meadow DeVor Team.
What's the refund policy?
All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason.
More questions?
We want you to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you have access to the information you need. Please feel free to email us (info@meadowdevor.com) or give us a call at (805) 779-4033.​